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A Vernon Retirement tribute video

March 16th, 2014

A retirement video for me from the Vernon Reid family

My brother's family in Vernon made me the best retirement video ever! The Rocky movies were a HUGE part of my childhood and influenced me greatly. I trained like Rocky and for a good chunk of my childhood actually thought I WAS Rocky. So fitting that my brother Malcolm rembered all that. My 10 year old nephew Roan produced the whole thi ...

My window of inspiration - The strongest person I've ever known

March 8th, 2014
       Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be sought out or it can catch you completely off guard. For me, it came one evening in the fall of ’91, at our local basketball gym rats hangout, the West Richmond Community Centre.
     I was in the ninth grade, starting to kind of drift in my life as many ninth graders do, but still holding tightly to basketball. The problem was, bas ...

Everything I know about fan appreciation I learned from a box of Mars Bars

February 20th, 2014
Ron Putzi

Ron Putzi celebrates after winning the 1988 BC Boys Basketball Championship with the Richmond Colts.

Photo courtesy of The Vancouver Province

We all had hero's growing up. People we could look up to, admire and strive to be like. They hopefully set an example for what we could achieve, but more importantly how we should act and behave.  If you were lucky, you had such a hero. Someone ...