Angus has been in the public eye as a professional football player for well over a decade now. The home grown star out of Richmond has been with the British Columbia Lions since 2001, and has been their starting center since 2003. Angus has been an All Canadian, multiple time conference All Star, lineman of the year nominee, lineman of the week winner, a "Friday Night Gladiator", 8 time team captain, and a 2 time Grey Cup Champion. 

A long shot to make it pro, Angus did not start football until the 11th grade, and then missed 3 of his 5 college years due to illness. He is a model of determination and will, and has been speaking on this subject ever since realizing his hard fought dream in 2001. Since then, he has spoken nearly nonstop to over 1000 schools, organizations, teams, businesses, and at events, on the constant pursuit of your dreams, and the hard work and effort required to beat all the obstacles along the way.

With his wealth of insightful experiences, humorous stories and very sociable outgoing personality, Angus has become a sought after speaker, versatile enough to fit almost any need.

Angus can be reached at angus@angusreid64.com for your speaking requests and fundraising needs.


Nov. 28/13DallasIntact Insurance Key Note - motivational
March 3/17 Richmond KidSport fundraising dinner banquet Key Note
Feb 25/17 Tuolumne CA Summerville Bears QB Club Sponsor Dinner Key Note
Feb 22/17 Vancouver Canadian Mental Health Association, national conference Key Note
Jan 28/17 Orlando FL USA Football Conference Key Note
Sept 24/16 W. Vancouver Tedx Talk
Sept 22/16 Vancouver Desjardin Wealth Management AGM Key Note
July 13/16 Tarrytown NY NCPG Summit on Sports Gambling Key Note
Mar 1/16
Kamloops Kamloops Board of Trade Key Note
Feb11/16 Surrey Surrey Board of Trade Key Note
Jan 25 /16 Nanaimo Sunlife Financial AGM Key Note
May 28/15 Vancouver Steel Workers Association Awards Dinner Key Note
Jan 28/15 North Vancouver Social Media awareness and family values discussion Special Key Note
Jan 21/15 Vancouver Sun Life Financial AGM Key Note - Success in spite of all odds
Nov 30/14 Vancouver Cystic Fibrosis Gala Emcee / Key Note
Oct 30/14 Vancouver Kids Upfront Gala Emcee / Key Note
Oct 20/14 Port Moody Toastmasters BC Conference  Special Key Note
Sept 28/14 West Vancouver West Vancouver U40 group Key Note - Determination
Sept 19/14 Vancouver Maple Leaf Canada Key Note - Success Through Adversity
Sept 10/14 Vernon North Okanagan Rotary Club Sport dinner Key Note Speaker
June 18/14 Vancouver VPD Gang Crime Unit Key Note - Life Choices
May 20/14 Calgary Intact Insurance Key Note - Team Building
April 12/14 Kamloops B.C. Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame Dinner Key Note Speaker
March 8/14 Vancouver VRC Rugby "Captains" Dinner Key Note Speaker
March 6/14 Richmond KidSportBC fundraising dinner Key Note Speaker
March 4/14 Creston ICAT/EVA (Ending Violence Association) Key Note Speaker
Dec. 5/13 Trail IHIT/ EVA ( Ending Violence Association) Key Note Speaker
May 23/13 Calgary Intact Insurance Key Note - Team building
May 22/13 Richmond J.C.C Maccabi Games Dinner Key Note Speaker
May 10/13 Vancouver Bazinga Key Note - inspirational 
May 10/13 Vancouver Intact Insurance  Key Note - Team building
April 12/13 Kelowna Farm Credit Canada    Key Note - inspirational 
April 10/13 Vancouver S.F.U business school   Key Note - “Building a remarkable career"
April 5/13 N. Vancouver Athletics For Kids Emcee gala dinner event
March 20/13 Penticton Aboriginal Leadership Conference    Key Note Speaker
March 4/13 Surrey Surrey School Board conference    Key Note “ building a memorable life"
2002 - current schools across Western Canada Over 500 various key notes,lectures and presentations 


“We were honored to have Angus presented at USA Football’s National Conference in Orlando at Pro Bowl. He delivered a powerful message on the importance of the game and how it has a unique ability to put kids on a path to success. Angus does a great job telling the story of how the game shaped his life while connecting with the audience. He brings energy and enthusiasm to his message. He’s a great teammate in this game of football.”

Thanks again Angus!

Nick Inzerello
USA Football, Senior Director

I have had the privilege of having Angus speak at my AGM in 2013. His message of perseverance and drive resonated with everyone in attendance from the new financial advisors in the career to our advisor that have been around for 40 plus years. His perspective on life and how he has dealt with his own trials and road blocks head on is an inspiration to anyone who listens to his story. I would definitely recommend Angus to any one or any company wanting to inspire, or motivate there employees. I appreciate Angus' message enough that I am having him speak again for us in 2017.

Dwayne Johannson

Financial Centre Manager
Sun Life Financial

I had the privilege of having Angus speak at one of my Regional Meetings not long ago.
Angud was vibrant, sincere, interesting and very inspiring.My take away waas the attitude, dedication and hard work will give you success at the end of the day.
We ll thoroughly enjoyed Angus's speech and look forward to connecting again down the road.
Best Regards to Angus for the future!

Douglas R. Paterson

Director of Sales & Branch Operations, British Columbia &
International Sales
Plygem Canada
Mitten Building Products

I have been very fortunate to hear Angus speak in numerous occasions and his speeches and life stories are amazing and very inspiring. Angus has always been very helpful to help my team, my business, and many other organizations. His stories and speeches have made a huge diference in my life and my family plus many of my players and friends.

Hadi Abassi

President of Atlas group

President of Vancouver Island Raider's Football 3 time Canadian Champions 

"As a large organization that hosts many functions, we have had Angus come out as a special guest speaker to talk to both internal and external audiences. With his engaging and down to earth delivery, he is able to tailor his message depending on the audience and the topic. Whether he talks about team building, drive and determination, or motivation, his inspiring messages have an impact on everyone he meets. He is professional and approachable and the audience loves to interact with him. I would not hesitate to have Angus come out and speak on our behalf again and would highly recommend him for other organizations."

Luisa Currie


Sales and Business Development

Intact Insurance

Western Canada


The Bears Quarterback Club, a fund raising organization for our local high school, recently hosted a dinner for 200 community leaders and business owners where Angus Reid presented the keynote address. His message was thoughtful, inspirational, valuable and very entertaining. Angus's high energy presentation style, along with his powerful message, made him a hit with everyone in the room, including those with little or no football background. Business owners, coaches, athletes, students, and just about everyone else benefitted from hearing Angus and his message. We can't thank him enough for taking the time to come to our small community where he has left a lasting impression.

Ron Roberson
President of the Summerville Bears
QB Club
Tuolumne, CA

Angus Reid was absolutely amazing when speaking with my Western Canadian Sales Professionals at our recent sales conference. I was hoping he would be able to connect with non-sport fans and those outside of BC that were on my team. He really scored a touchdown! It was an inspiring and emotional presentation that absolutely delivered a meaningful message of winning through adversity. Angus had people crying, laughing, gasping and when all was said and done, charged up and ready to take on the world! Angus is a Tier 1 public speaker, his story and message will make a difference to the many people who are fortunate enough to interact with him.

Kevin Gallant
Director – Western Canada Foodservice
Maple Leaf Foodservice
604-539-0400 ext 1.726
604-833-5529 (Cell)

“Angus was a guest speaker at SFU Alumni Association’s young professional event held in the spring of 2013. If you want to inspire an audience for a similar event (or any event for that matter), I would highly recommend Angus as the feature speaker. Although other athletes may have similar stories of overcoming obstacles to achieve success, Angus was able to translate his lessons learned on the field to meaningful advice for anyone in any career. Angus was able to pull on the audience’s heart strings, made them laugh and overall, made us ponder on how to improve the lives that we lead.”

Travis Wong, Board Member

Board of Directors, SFU Alumni Association

When I asked Angus to come and speak to our team, I thought I was going to hear fun stories about the battles of a winning football player. Much to my surprise what we got were eloquent, touching, and inspiring life stories about failing, trying again, and triumphing against all odds. The parallels that Angus was able to illuminate in our imagination about professional sports and our day-to-day struggles as a start-up, resonated with all of us. Every leader of an organization should facilitate for his/her team the opportunity to listen to what is a remarkable person with a remarkable story.

Joseph Nakhla

Founder + CEO