Best book I’ve read in years

If you coach youth sports do yourself a favour and get this book. It’s the holy grail to make you a more effective leader and a better person.

- Matt Paisley

Excellent Book!

This book is an incredibly well written example of the impact coaches have on the lives of their players. While Angus' story is an incredible one - there are countless others like him who have been impacted by the selfless acts of coaches everywhere. Thank you, Angus, for telling this story!

- Robert Rochelle

A must have

Angus tells an incredible story that is so engaging that you won’t want to put it down!

- Karl Ortmanns

A book for all audiences

If you have heard one of Angus Reid’s TED talks or attended one of his public speaking engagements you will approach this book with high expectations and this book far exceeds those expectations. Angus has an ability to story tell that crosses all audiences - my mom who doesn’t know much about football enjoyed the stories that I read to her as she recovered from knee surgery. What I enjoyed about this book was that the lessons that Dan taught Angus were real life lessons not the watered down, generic lessons that you read about in other books. One of the lessons that put to words an experience that I had had only weeks prior was the chapter on “Humor never came before Trust” and the story that accompanies that chapter is a classic.

- Winston Chapman

Valuable life lessons from an amazing football coach

Thank You Coach: Learning How to Live, By Being Taught How to PlayAngus Reid shows us a side of football that only those who have played the game have ever seen; but he does it in a way that grabs the attention of any fan of the game. As he relates how his offensive line coach developed him into one of the premier linemen in the Canadian Football League, Angus shows us how the coaching lessons were also life lessons that have served him well since leaving the game. Life lessons that can help us all. A masterpiece!

- Keith J. Johnston | Author of A Garage Full of Ferraris

Great Book For Leadership

This book is a great how-to for all people in leadership. As a business, we will definitely be ordering more copies for all our leadership team!

- Aaron Chin

There are countless sports stories and books about how to coach and how to lead. Thank You, Coach is not one of them. Thank You, Coach is a story of the lasting impact great coaching and leadership can have on a person and is told in a sequence of charismatic and heartwarming stories by someone who learned from experience. As a young offensive lineman, author Angus Reid struggled to make it at the professional football level until a full coaching change placed him in the ever-capable hands of Coach Dan Dorazio. What occurred over their 11-year player/coach relationship helped him initially excel on the field as well as later in life. Thank You, Coach is so much more than a sports story. It is a testament to the importance of great coaching and the immeasurable value mentorship can have on a person. It is also a reminder to every coach, teacher, and leader that their instruction extends beyond this moment and can impact how people choose to live their lives in the years to come.


A Must Read For Every Leader

Personally, having played with Angus in University, I enjoyed getting a sneak-peak into his professional football life. But more than that, this book is a compelling and inspiring read about the power of mentorship. In addition to providing me with some of the powerful life lessons "Coach Dan" passed on to Angus over an 11 year period, it also motivated me to re-examine how I could be a better "coach" to others who have given me the great honour to mentor them.

- Mitch F.

Worthwhile life lessons for sports fans and non-sports-fans alike! Loved this book.

Retired Canadian pro football player Angus Reid speaks from his heart when it comes to the value of a truly great mentor. In “Thank you Coach: Learning How to Live by Being Taught How to Play,” Angus shares invaluable life lessons from his former coach Dan Dorazio. This relatable, readable book should be a required refresher for every football coach in America. Learnings that can positively inform day-to-day life range from the fairly straightforward—“‘What' questions are less threatening than ‘why’ questions”—to the more cosmic: “You rise to the demands and expectations that are placed on you.” Angus is a naturally gifted storyteller and this book kept me thinking long after I was done reading. I'm passing it to my husband and teenage son next. A keeper for sure.

- Jonna Gallo


Amazing book. Angus does a great job with this book, tons of actionable learning in each chapter.

- Stephen

More than a “pep talk”

I feel incredibly inspired and better prepared to coach my team in business. This book is packed with life lessons through Angus Reid’s experience in the CFL with the B.C Lions. Stories that can be easily translated to business and any area of life. This book was more than a pep talk, it’s a about meaningful relationships, love and passion for all.

- Kimhoung

A great read!

Thank you Coach by Angus Reid is now one of my favourite books. As an armchair football fan, I will now have a much greater appreciation for the intricacies involved in each play on the field while watching a game. Perhaps more importantly, the life lessons, and leadership skill techniques taught throughout this book are presented with just the right combination of serious learning and laugh out loud humour. I would highly recommend Thank You Coach to anyone in a leadership role, whether as an athlete, coach, teacher, or business leader.

- Diana