"One of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard!"

- Ian Parks
Unit Commander, CISM Team, UFV Instructer

Angus is internationally known for his electrifying speaking engagements. His high energy and memorable story telling resonates and motivates audiences of all ages. Speaking from real life experiences, Angus shares proven strategies that will help exceed personal and company goals. Speaker. Writer. Former professional athlete. Team captain. All-star and Grey Cup champion. Contact Angus to speak on:

What it Really Takes to Make it and Succeed

Improving Team Culture

Mastering the Skill Of Trust

Where to Place your Value and Self-Worth

Dealing with and Overcoming a Compulsive Addictive Personality

Tackling Transition



Feb 28,  2019 City of Richmond Engineering and Public Works AGM - Keynote Richmond, BC
Feb 06,  2019 Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors AGM - Keynote Coquitlam, BC
Jan 29,  2019 YPO Forum - Keynote Vancouver, BC
Jan 22,  2019 Preston Mobility AGM - Trust Workshop Richmond, BC
Jan 11,  2019 Special Risk Insurance Keynote Vancouver, BC
Jan  9,   
Ideon Packaging - Trust Workshop Surrey, BC
Nov 27, 2018 Chilliwack Gives Back Event Chilliwack, BC
Nov 21, 2018 Organika Health National Sales AGM Vancouver BC
Oct 23,  2018 ManTalks Event Vancouver BC
Oct 22,  2018 Annex Consulting Group Vancouver BC
Oct 14,  2018 Together We Can Gala Vancouver, BC
Oct 16,  2018 FitFoods Ltd. Coquitlam, BC
Oct 17,  2018 Ideon Packaging Richmond, BC
Sept 17, 2018 Toronto Argonauts Football Club Toronto, Ont
Sept 26, 2018 Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers Regina, S
AUG 22, 2018 BM Group of Companies Vision Summit COQUITLAM, BC
AUG 17, 2018 Simon Fraser Valley University Football Night BURNABY, BC
AUG 9,  2018 Regina Rams Training Camp Kickoff REGINA, SK
JUL 12,  2018 Superior Restoration Management Team VANCOUVER, BC
JUN 7,   2018 Better Business Bureau Torch Awards Event VANCOUVER, BC
JUN 6,   2018 Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors Conference COQUITLAM, BC
MAY 31, 2018 Tedx Talk WHITEROCK, BC
MAY 18 2018 TD Commercial Banking Team VANCOUVER, BC
MAY 17, 2018 Foresight CEO Roundtable breakfast SURREY, BC
MAY 9,  2018 Student Empowerment Day SAVONA, BC
MAY 8,  2018 Canadian Building Trades Union Conference GATINEAU, QC
MAY 1,  2018 Quantum Shift CEO lunch VANCOUVER, BC
MAR 20, 2018 United Steel Workers convention BURNABY, BC
MAR 15, 2018 UBC Golf Team VANCOUVER, BC
MAR 14, 2018 OTTO Motors sales kickoff event WATERLOO, ONT
MAR 01 2018 McKay CEO Forum VANCOUVER, BC
FEB 27, 2018 Celebration of Sports Excellence NEW WESTMINSTER, BC
FEB 13-14, 2018 United Steel Workers Winter School HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, BC
FEB 08, 2018 Vancouver Lawn Speakers Series VANCOUVER, BC
NOV 24, 2017 BC Association of Family Resource Programs AGM VANCOUVER, BC
NOV 23, 2017 Organika Health Products National Sales AGM VANCOUVER, BC
NOV 9,  2017 Tempered Investments Shareholders AGM VANCOUVER, BC
NOV 9,  2017 Wake Up Call Breakfast - Prostate Cancer Awareness VANCOUVER, BC
OCT 14, 2017 BC Government and Services Employees Union AGM RICHMOND, BC
OCT 06, 2017 Associated Equipment Distributors of BC Breakfast SURREY, BC
OCT 05, 2017 Vancouver College Grads and Dad's Dinner VANCOUVER, BC
SEPT 18, 2017 Great Canadian Gaming Corp AGM RICHMOND, BC
JUNE 25, 2017 EO Global SaaS Forum VANCOUVER, BC
JUNE 08, 2017 BCFPA FoodProWest Gala VANCOUVER, BC
MAY 18, 2017 North Shore Waterfront Gala VANCOUVER, BC
MAY 03, 2017 RCMP Mental Health Week SURREY, BC
MAR 03, 2017 KidSport Fundraising Dinner Banquet RICHMOND, BC
FEB 25, 2017 Summerville Bears QB Club Sponsor Dinner TUOLUMNE, BC
FEB 22, 2017 Canadian Mental Health Association, National Conference VANCOUVER, BC
JAN 28,  2017 USA Football Conference ORLANDO, FL
SEPT 24, 2016 Tedx Talk VANCOUVER, BC
NOV 30,  2014 Cystic Fibrosis Gala VANCOUVER, BC
OCT 30,  2014 Kids Upfront Gala VANCOUVER, BC
OCT 20,  2014 Toastmasters BC Conference PORT MOODY, BC
SEPT 28,  2014 West Vancouver U40 Group WEST VANCOUVER, BC
SEPT 19,  2014 Maple Leaf Canada VANCOUVER, BC
SEPT 10,  2014 North Okanagan Rotary Club Sport dinner VERNON, BC
JUNE 18,  2014 VPD Gang Crime Unit VANCOUVER, BC
MAY 20,  2014 Intact Insurance CALGARY, AB
APR 12,  2014 Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame Dinner KAMLOOPS, BC
MAR 08,  2014 VRC Rugby "Captains" Dinner VANCOUVER, BC
MAR 06,  2014 KidSportBC Fundraising dinner RICHMOND, BC
MAR 04,  2014 ICAT/EVA (Ending Violence Association) KRESTON, BC
DEC 05,  2013 IHIT/ EVA ( Ending Violence Association) TRAIL, BC
MAY 23,  2013 Intact Insurance CALGARY, AB
MAY 22,  2013 J.C.C Maccabi Games Dinner RICHMOND, BC
MAY 10,  2013 Bazinga VANCOUVER, BC
MAY 10,  2013 Intact Insurance VANCOUVER, BC
MAR 06,  2013 Farm Credit Canada KELOWNA, BC
APR 10,  2013 S.F.U business school VANCOUVER, BC
APR 04,  2013 Athletics For Kids NORTH VANCOUVER, BC
MAR 20,  2013 Aboriginal Leadership Conference PENTICTION, BC
MAR 04,  2013 Surrey School Board Conference SURREY, BC
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